The Commuta PRO MAX – 100km Range and 40kmh Top Speed

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The unique, long-range Commuta Pro Max is a rear-wheel-drive 500w motor electric scooter with 10” wider tyres, comes with robust front & rear brake discs, along with a safety rear bright brake light.

The Pro Max is 100% electric making everyday social and transport an effortless pleasure, with an impressive range of up to 100km  (62 miles) and reaching a top speed of 25mph which can be adjusted.

The Pro Max is unique in having the beauty of a detachable battery for portable charging and to swap over if needed on those long journeys, being a very lightweight foldable scooter, making it easy to transport.

The wider foot deck allows comfortability to make that journey a great experience.

The Cruzaa Commuta Pro Max Electric Scooter is an exclusive premium scooter and most powerful with the best miles range under the Cruzaa products family range.

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Technical Specifications
Size of E-Scooter:

1110 x 500 x 1230mm

Top Speed

40 km/h (25 mph)

Total Distance/Max Range:

100km (62 miles)

Blutooth with Speakers


Wheel Size

10″ Air Tire

Charge Time:

5 – 6 hours

Rated Power:

500W / 48V/15.6Ah

Rear Wheel Drive


Pure Electric


Water Resistant

Yes – IP54

Digital LCD Display


Detachable Battery



3 Speed Gears

Front Headlight






Disk Brake System

Dual – Front and Rear

Rear Taillight


Holds A Max Weight Of:

150 kg

Total Weight:

21 kg


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Main Features

  • Smart digital LCD display

    Display shows mileage, throttle mode, speed and battery life.

  • Powerful battery

    Lithium battery that allows scoota to reach speeds of up to 15 mph.

  • 100% Electric

    100% electric scooter reaching speeds up to 14.9 mph.

  • Water Resistant

    IP54 Rated, tackles water in wet conditions.

  • Environmentally friendly

    100% electric with easy home friendly charging capability.

  • Lightweight and portable

    Foldable and lightweight frame allowing easy transport.

  • Throttle modes

    Control your top speed by choosing from multiple speed modes.

  • Road tyres

    High grade anti-friction road tyres with monster wheels, to handle 15 degrees angles, bumpy and rocky surfaces.

  • Smart disk brakes

    Front and back brakes for smarter control.

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